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Preschool Planet  Private School is built upon a foundation of authentic learning, by providing an enriched environment of emotional; social; physical; creative and intellectual development. Our brain-based approach to early childhood education allows children to develop in a manner that complements their natural ability to learn and understand the world around them.  

Our Program

 At Preschool Planet Private School we strive to provide a safe and welcoming learning environment to guide your child into discovery and a genuine love of learning.  Our hands-on approach and emphasis on personal success is key to developing a positive self image and the skills needed when the kindergarten year arrives.     

Our custom theme based curriculum is designed to introduce academic and life skills and concepts through a variety of activities, discussions and games.  The goal is to allow each child to develop an understanding at their own pace through natural learning and when they are ready, fully grasp the skills and concepts that are being introduced.  

Academic Extras

We proudly use the Zoo-phonics multisensory language arts program and Handwriting Without Tears handwriting programs.  

About Us

  Preschool Planet Private School was established in 2010 as a home based early learning option for friends and neighbors, today we continue to provide quality preschool education serving ages 3-5. Mrs. Menck has 15 years of education and experience in early childhood education(ECE). She holds a master's degree in ECE from GCU, bachelor's in ECE from NAU as well as an associates and multiple certificates devoted to early childhood education.  Preschool Planet Private School strives to exceed all state regulatory guidelines to ensure the highest quality and safety for your child. 

We believe the importance of a strong foundation in the early years will ease the transition to formal elementary expectations. Together we can help your child build confidence, independence and the skills necessary for future success. We hope you will join the Preschool Planet Private School family for your early learners needs.     


5 Days

Monday through Friday $450 per month 

3 Days

Monday/Wednesday/Friday $350 per month

2 Days

Tuesday/Thursday $250 per month

Multiple Child Discount

We offer a discount of 10% for siblings

*We Follow the DUSD Calendar

We are an academic program that runs  a traditional school year August to May.

Calendar available August 1st. 

*Tuition is due the 1st of the month and includes all supplies and materials plus two healthy snacks. Parents are required to provide a lunch for their child each day of attendance. 



Benefits of QUALITY Preschool Programs

 The importance of a quality early childhood education experience is a vital element of cognitive, social and emotional development - having a lasting impact throughout adulthood.      
"At age 27, those who had attended preschool were more likely than no-preschool counterparts to have graduated from high school and college, have higher earnings, be married, and own their own home - and less likely to be involved in the criminal justice system" (Weikart, 1998)    

 In more recent studies, these results have persisted past the age of 40 years old, providing solid evidence of the importance of an effective preschool program.  Preschoolers exposed to substandard child care score lower in cognitive and social skills" (Howes&James, 2002; NICHD Early Child Care Research Network, 2003b) 

Did You Know?

 Did you know that the light has an enormous impact on learning?  In particular, the type and amount of light is imperative to academic success.  The use of indirect, natural sunlight increases higher cognitive functions in the brain - resulting in up to a 20% increase in math tests and 26% faster reading tests with those exposed to the most light.  In regards to learning, soft, natural light is preferable.  Keep this in mind as your child enters grade school and studies at home. (Heschong Mahone Consulting Group, 2007).

Did you know that air quality and aromas impact learning?  Stale and/or polluted air restricts oxygen from the brain; thus, reducing functionality and learning potential.  Try to ensure that your child's learning environment has clean, highly oxygenated air quality (air purifier/ionizer).  The sense of smell can also be a useful tool for learners.  Here is a list of some aromas and there function:

Peppermint, Lily, Cinnamon, Lemon, Basil and Rosemary = increase mental alertness and comprehension
Vanilla = increase in cognition
Lavender, Rose, Chamomile and Orange = decreases nervousness and increases relaxation 

Home-Based vs. Center-based

​There are many advantages for a child that attends a home-based preschool program, including improved social, emotional and cognitive development.  Center-based programs are highly unstable, as turnover rates are extremely high (33-50%; Walker, 2000) due to high stress levels that are inherent to centers relating to out-of-compliance class ratios and many other variables.  This instability negatively impacts emotional and behavioral health.     

​Research indicates approximately 91% of mothers prefer a home environment  for childcare over center-based services. (Gordan and Hognas, 2006) - National Institute of Child Health and Human Development Study of Early Child Care. 

Physical benefits are also apparent for children within home-based programs, as the amount of time a child spends in a child-care center is associated to increased rates of respiratory problems for kids ages 2yrs - 3yrs old. (Gordon et al. 2007)

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